captain tamas ride in rarotonga

This cold morning was most probably most educational morning ever.

At twenty minutes to nine o’clock we went to Captain Tama’s Lagoon Cruizes. Our transport was quick.

We had all finally gathered together before boarding the boat. This was the first time i had been on Captain Tams. Our captain was captain Smacksparrow and brown was our lovely assistant. Suddenly we were out in a minute, it felt so awesome!!!

As we rode along the interesting information and facts calmly swifted through my head like a shark patiently looking  for something to eat.

As we were riding i was bobbing up then down. 

There were so many beautiful fish from small to big to humungous, it was a real spectacular lifetime experience.

We had finally stopped and at the same time you can obviously hear the propeller slow down.

My first splash was as if someone had turn the degree down to zero. 

I was learning more and more and more things about the amazing under water aquatic life. It was really interesting from the food chain all the way to the life of a fish. There also was a big fat morai eel named Charlie

Gosh he was so fat that he most probably wouldn’t even fit in a crock pot!!!

We started to head back . Dum!. The taste of the salt water took over my taste buds and just stayed there like a starfish, but still i didn’t know that my head will go medium and come back ten times bigger from so much education.

It was so…

…awesome and wow! I didn’t know that much about our seas,

and we came back safely too.

The End 🙂


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